Listen to the most recent episode here, and check out the archives below for past episodes.

Episode 27: Indie Author Basics – Writing

Episode 26: Rhea Pechter and Self-Editing Tips

Episode 25: April M Woodard and Budgeting Mindset Tips

Episode 24: Mary Castillo and Our Favorite Organization Tools

Bonus Episode 3: Peter Barlow from Author Secret

Episode 23: Elizabeth Ann West and Marketing Tools

Episode 22: Amy Hopkins and Writing Tools

Episode 21: Karen Tomlinson and Writing Routines

Episode 20: Sarah Woodbury and Staying in Your Own Boat

Episode 19: Lee Savino and Dealing with an Unsupportive Family

Bonus Episode 2: Amanda Cherry and Small Press Publishing

Episode 18: Eva Moore and Tips on Time Management

Episode 17: Kara Lockharte and Experimenting with First Books

Episode 16: Yesenia Vargas and Twitter for Authors

Episode 15: Jesikah Sundin and Attending Conferences/Conventions

Bonus Episode 1: Abby from the Mom Writes Podcast

Episode 14: Honorée Corder and Indie Author Regrets

Episode 13: 2017 recap and big news for 2018

Episode 12: Katharine Grubb and Healthy Habits for Writers

Episode 11: Stephanie Churchill and Online Author Etiquette

Episode 10: M.F. Lorson and Reaching more readers

Episode 9: Joanne Macgregor and Pen Names

Episode 8: J. R. Frontera and NoNoWriMo Prep

Episode 7: Trish Heinrich and Mom Guilt

Episode 6: Katie Cross and Diversification

Episode 5: Frost Kay and Writing for a Higher Purpose

Episode 4: Amy Maroney and Editors/Betas/ARC readers

Episode 3: Katie Coughran and Skills

Episode 2: LJ Andrews and Support Networks

Episode 1: Kayla Tirrell and Being Patient

Episode 0: A new podcast for self-published author moms

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