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Every other week, listen to interviews with indie author moms just like you who are defining success in their own ways, not just the six-figure ideal and full-time writer lifestyle. (Though we do talk to a few people like that, since some os us do what that, too!)


A growing Facebook community of writer moms who are there to support, encourage, and answer questions.

No need to start your question with “for the moms out there” and none of those “I don’t have kids, but I have a dog and…” responses.


Get a free self-publishing workbook designed with the needs of writer moms in mind. A 5-step plan to help you on the journey to your definition of success.


Real numbers. Real examples. Real writer moms.


Our favorite podcasts, blogs, and websites to help you along your self-publishing journey.

(Because we don’t know everything!)


Mugs, notebooks, tees and tanks. Everything you need in your Writer Mom Life besides the caffeine.

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