Episode 0: A new podcast for self-published author moms

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Writer Mom Life Episode 0: A new podcast for self-publised author moms

I am starting a new podcast for indie authors who are also moms. I know there are already tons of podcasts for “mompreneurs” and for indie writers, and I listen to so many great ones. But I haven’t seen one that focuses on both together…

I feel like there are voices missing in the indie publishing conversation – working moms who also love to write and want to be successful authors! Success to me doesn’t always mean quitting your job to be a full-time writer that supports the family, but also things like making some extra money to help with bills. And a SAHM shouldn’t have to feel like her writing must earn tons of money in order for her to spend time on something she enjoys. I feel like I only see the big 7 figure success stories, and some of us don’t want that – but still need help getting where we want to be.

I hope that seeing all the different forms “success” can take in the self-publishing world (a creative outlet, extra money for bills/fun, supporting the family so a partner can work less) will encourage more mothers to reach their goals, whatever they may be.

Finding a role model that you can relate to can have a huge impact on motivation. I’ll be talking to moms in all sorts of different life/author situations: a single mom who just released her first book, a working mom who hit the top 20 in her category, a SAHM with five kids who just had her first 4 figure month after three years of trying… Every journey is unique but full of inspiration for others.

I’ll also be asking authors about their definition of success, practical tips for organizing their time, and I personally love all the details – how much they sleep, how much they spend, how much they make, what tools or tactics have had the most ROI…But I’ll try to keep it short, around 35 minutes, to make sure it fits in to your writer + mom + life!

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