Episode 18: Eva Moore and Tips for Structuring Your TIme

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Writer Mom Life Episode 18: Eva Moore and tips for structuring your time

Romance author Eva Moore may seem like a “fast” writer – publishing 5 books in one year is no easy feat! But as with almost everything in self-publishing, there is more to the story than it first appears. Winning a marketing contest gave her the push to put out all 5 much faster than she’d originally planned, and she shares some lessons learned to apply to her next series.

Eva also shares:

  • Her definition of success for her books
  • Why “fresh eyes” on your work are so important
  • When and where she gets in her writing time
  • How a shift in schedule affected her social media presence
  • How she started using social media 2 full years before she first published to build her author platform
  • Why newsletters are still important for her, despite a very active Facebook presence
  • Her favorite part of being a writer

Eva had to shift how she used her time when her husband’s schedule changed. In the tips, J. R. and Daphne talk about time-saving tips like batching and learning to concentrate on one thing at a time (yes it can be done!) in order to maximize the precious minutes Writer Moms have available to them.

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Eva’s Links
Her website
Her books

Allll her social media links:

J. R. Frontera’s Tips and Resources

This week on the tips, J. R. and Daphne discuss the great importance of batching tasks and time management to the Writer Mom Life!

They discuss how they each structure their writing and marketing days (or weeks) and how lumping similar tasks together can make more efficient use of your time. They also talk about ways to help yourself stay focused on one task at a time, so it only takes you 30 minutes to write that blog post instead of an hour and a half! One such method discussed is the Pomodoro Technique, although other strategies are suggested, as well!

 In the episode, J. R. and Daphne talk aout their personal methods of implementing the batching strategy and how they’ve each developed unique schedules to juggle all the responsibilities of the Writer Mom Life.

And for more time management awesomeness, J. R. highly recommends this article by her favorite time-wrangling and goal-planning guru, Michael Hyatt, on planning out your Ideal Week, as well as some of his other posts on time-management here!

Here’s another great article on managing your time, check out a great article on time blocking from Katharin Grubb (featured in Episode 12 of the podcast!)

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