Once again we reached out to our amazing Facebook community to answer a question we see a lot from future writer moms: How do I keep writing once baby is here?

With so much change on the horizon, wanting to keep a part of what makes you “you” is essential during this time of transition. Some thoughts on the topic from fellow writer moms:

Stimulate your creativity in other ways. Going for a walk, listening to music, singing, painting, cooking, reading (all things baby will enjoy too, btw)… keep those creative juices flowing so that when you have a few minutes to put pen to paper, getting started will be a little easier.

Dictation. This is a good tip for any age, but particularly useful when your hands will be very busy doing other things. Whether breast- or bottle-feeding, there will be lots of time spent butt in chair with a quiet baby that can be turned into writing time with just your voice and a notes app.

Keep that notes app open all the time. Jot down ideas during the day as they come to you. Getting used to short bursts of writing time early on in your writer mom life is a great skill to have. The days of spending 4-8 hours in front of your computer typing will be rare now, but if you can train yourself to focus for 10 minutes a few times a day, you can easily hit those word count goals.

Wrap it up. If you had not considered baby wearing, give it a try! Keeping baby close while you do something with both hands will keep you both happy. Combine dictating and walking with the little one in a baby wrap/carrier and you’ve gotten your exercise and writing done while baby snoozed away comfortably.


The most important tip BY FAR from our members was DON’T STRESS. (Hmm, those caps are a little stressful. I’ll try again) Don’t stress 😉 If you don’t write for a few months while you adjust to your new life, don’t worry, you’re still a writer. It’s not something you lose when you become a mom. I just becomes a writer + mom life.

Whatever your writer mom life looks like, it will be different than when it was just a writer life. Your WML will look different than everyone else’s. And that’s okay! Go into this next phase of your creative life with that in mind. It will all be okay, we promise.

And if you need a little extra support or have questions, please join us in the Writer Mom Life Facebook Community!

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