One of the goals we have at Writer Mom Life is making sure our resources are adapted for the stage of career that you’re at right now. While the resources page is still a work-in-progress, I wanted to look at what is already available to you.

On the podcast, we talk to new authors, full-time authors, and hybrid authors.

In the Facebook group, we have those drafting their first book and those with multiple books ranking high on the Amazon charts.

Why is it important for us to have this wide diversity of resources? Shouldn’t the focus be on the successful people explaining how they got to the top? What can be learned from someone who hasn’t even finished a book yet?

Everyone has something to learn, but I also believe that everyone has something to teach.

Everyone. (Yes, I’m talking about you! Really!)

Whether you’ve written two words in your life or two million. If you’ve been doing this for two days of two decades. You have knowledge that no one else has, and sharing it is one of the most important things you can do to help your career.

We’re all at different stages of our author journey. If we lined up everyone, using some sort of points system, no one would have the exact same amount of points and we could be placed from lowest to highest. There would always be someone right above you, and someone right below you.

Looking twenty steps ahead is what most people do. They find the person who has already achieved that goal they’re aiming for and try to model that person’s behavior. This is a good idea, but I don’t think it’s truly the most helpful on a day-to-day basis. It’s helpful to keep that big goal in sight, but is that the right person to be telling you what to do?

The people one and two steps above you is actually a better place to look for support. They will remember what it was like to be at your stage, and they’ll be able to explain how they got from where you are to where they are.

The people one and two steps below you are the ones who will look to you for this same advice. Confidence in the knowledge you already possess is essential to the journey, and one that not as many people focus on.

If you’ve finished a first draft, no matter how rough, you have something to share with someone working on their draft.

If you’ve hit publish on a book, you have insight that the first-time indie author wants to hear.

Everyone starts from the same place, and by sharing with each other at every step of the journey, we all help each other get where we want to be.

Ready to start sharing? Head on over to the Writer Mom Life Group to say hi!

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