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How to write with a baby

Once again we reached out to our amazing Facebook community to answer a question we see a lot from future writer moms: How do I keep writing once baby is here? With so much change on the horizon, wanting to keep a part of what makes you "you" is essential during this...

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How to write more with kids in the house

Thanks to Meaghan from Quill and Tome for this week's guest post!    Writing is hard. Writing with kids is even harder.   If you manage to write anything while being a mom, you have achieved more than most.  After writing professionally for about five years...

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Let your kids see you write

One incredible thing that I love seeing in the Writer Mom Life Facebook group is posts about kids supporting their mom's writing, or participating in writing challenges for kids, or reading and enjoying their mom's work. While my son is too young to read any of my...

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What skills do you need to self-publish?

It should go without saying that to be a successful author, you need to know how to write. Do you need to be perfect? Of course not! Do you need to be dedicated to improving, which often means seeking out criticism and dealing with harsh feedback? Absolutely! There...

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Successful writer moms have this one thing in common

11 months after putting my first book up on Amazon, I released a new book this week and got that awesome little orange tag. #1 new release in my category! It felt amazing to see that. How did I do it? Well, to answer that question, let me tell you how I found out...

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How to plan your perfect writer mom day

You can't do it all.   Some mothers hear this and feel reassured, others defeated. As an indie author mom, I'd say it falls on the defeated side most days. When you self-publish, if feels like you have to do it all: write, market, organize, tweet, Facebook,...

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Writing and burnout

**This article is for informational purposes only. As with all things related to your health, be sure to consult your doctor or other medical professional, not the internet, for an official diagnosis.  Burnout is a big buzzword right now. The nature of indie...

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Should you self-publish? A checklist

The Writer Mom life podcast, website, and Facebook group are created with the needs of writer moms in mind who are interested in self-publishing. We realize that not everyone wants to self-publish. There is TONS to do when you self-publish a book, and as a mom, you...

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What does your writer mom life look like?

The first section in the Writer Mom Life Self-Publishing Workbook talks about your definition of success. Also called your "What" or simply, your goals. If you're struggling with defining what your goal is, or can't seem to make it SMART the way we suggest, try...

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My first month on Twitter

While it seems like everyone is on Twitter these days, a lot of writers still hesitate. I was one of them. I created an account for Writer Mom Life on Twitter in October, but didn't start to tweet until the last week of December. I was going to wait until January 1,...

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Chasing the Line of Scrimmage

Today's guest post is from YA author M.F. Lorson. Want more insight into her Writer Mom Life? Check out her interview in episode 10 of the podcast. In football the line of scrimmage, represented by a blue line on your television screen, indicates where the play...

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