Episode 45: Check in with Yesenia Vargas and her 4-figure goal

Writer Mom Life


Writer Mom Life Episode 45: Check in with Yesenia Vargas and her 4-figure goal

We last talked to Yesenia in Episode 16 of the podcast. Now almost exactly a year later, we check in to hear about the journey she took to reach all those goals she set for herself back in 2017. And she reached them! Yay! She breaks down what she had to do to get there, in a great look at the step-by-step mentality that can get anyone from the inklings of an idea to full-fledged success. 

Daphne and Yesenia talk about:

  • How she managed to go from night owl to morning person – it can be done!
  • How she relaunched her older books to give them new life
  • The real definition of “write to market” (hint: it IS more than just “write a good story and it will sell”…)
  • How the whole book package (cover, blurb, story) works together to sell your books
  • The importance of doing market research in your chosen genre
  • Her launch strategy for her new series and where she got that strategy from
  • Her definition of success now and how it’s changed (if any) since the last time we talked to her
  • Some real life income numbers and how her income has increased since she started writing to market
  • The importance of keeping balance in her life between reaching her goals and staying happy and healthy
  • Her plans going forward in 2019 for her books, mindset and writermom.net!


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