Episode 43: J.K. Coy and Staying Flexible

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Writer Mom Life Episode 43: J.K. Coy and Staying Flexible

J.K. Coy got her inspiration for her children’s books from…her children! No surprises there, I bet ūüėČ But it was surprising for her that her first daughter never napped and her second one did, meaning she needs to be flexible about how and when she gets her writing (and her running!) in.¬†

Daphne and J. K. talk about this and so much more:

  • Her inspiration for both her children’s books and her non-fiction book
  • How she managed to write a book even though her first child NEVER napped
  • Her definition of success (hint: she likes to do things 100%!)
  • Her current strategy for managing a balance between a full-time corporate job, writing, and motherhood
  • The importance of remembering that once you have kids, things will pretty much be constantly changing, so be flexible!
  • How the global marketplace can actually help you fit in more writing/marketing tasks in a day sometimes
  • Her daily schedule and how she fits in a full-time job, writing, marketing, and taking care of two little ones!
  • Her process for creating children’s books
  • How she markets her children’s books
  • The importance of creating your own community as a writer
  • Her sources of support
  • How she manages to train for half-marathons too among everything else! (hint: it involves thinking outside the box!)
J. K.’s Links!

Her Amazon page
Her website: My Mom Is The Worst

Flexible is easy in the digital age

Fitting in writing is so much easier these days with phones, and tablets, and laptops. No messy typewriter tape or inkwells spilling all over our notes. 

Another huge advantage we have, that J.K. talks about in the episode, is collaborating with people across the globe on projects. While you’re sleeping, your editor or cover designer is hard at work, meaning you can wake up and jump right into things.

A final way to stay flexible these days is by actually becoming more flexible! Online workouts mean not having a local gym is no excuse for not moving around, even in the snowy winter that has hit nearly everyone in the continental US lately (except lucky J.K. in southern California!).

It’s been a personal struggle to make the time for fitness, but I try to remember that everything benefits from living a healthier lifestyle: your body, your mind, your writing, your family.¬†

Comment below to us know either your favorite online workout, or your favorite way technology makes life easier (and more flexible!)


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