Episode 39: 2019 plans

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Writer Mom Life Episode 39: 2019 Plans


This week Daphne shares the plans for WML for 2019 which are… to keep on doing what we’re doing!

You probably noticed that we pushed a lot this year — bonus episodes, a course, conferences, a shopa Facebook groupTwitterInstagram

And all of it was super fun! But we are leaving things as they are for now and not adding anything new. This was the year of setting things up, putting out feelers, and making connections.

2019 will be the year of letting all that do its thing and see what happens.

Nothing is changing though! We will still have new podcast episodes every other week. We will still be hanging out in the FB group and Daphne will still be posting on Twitter and IG. 

But we’re letting things grow slowly this year, instead of pushing like we did this year. You can’t always be pushing as a writer mom, or you end up with the dreaded burnout and who has time for that?? Not us, we have books to write! 

In the way that the universe works sometimes, hearing this recent episode from the Lead With Love podcast made us realize that the pushing we were doing this year maybe wasn’t for the right reasons. 

We all want everyone to like us. Seeing 10,000 subscribers or likes or follows feels good. It just does. 

But is that what your indie author business needs? What your life needs?

Maybe you do need a certain number of follows or sales to reach your income goals. And that’s fine! You should always keep growing, but not if it’s stressing you out and definitely not if it isn’t aligned with your other goals. 

And our goals for this podcast have been reached and exceeded. We have a wonderful Facebook community of nearly 400 people, up from ZERO a year ago. That’s awesome! There is no need for it to be 4000. In fact, it would lose something if it gets too big. 

The podcast is at the right level for us to maintain for a long time. And we want to keep going for as long as possible, even if it means it takes longer to do other things with it. 

So thank you all for this amazing year of experimentation and bearing with us during shiny object syndrome. 2019 will be a bit calmer, with less new stuff but maintaining all the good stuff: episodes every other week, FB lives, social media sharing. 

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