Episode 37: Lyssa Layne and Realizing You're a Writer

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Writer Mom Life Episode 37: Lyssa Layne and Realizing You’re a Writer

Lyssa Layne fell into writing unexpectedly and has found great community and support in her connection with other indies and her readers. She works full-time at a job that provides a good amount of flexibility, but there are still periods of the year she can’t write every day – and that’s okay!

In this very upbeat and positive interview, Daphne and Lyssa talk about: 

  • How she works with 5 others to write anthologies
  • When she finally realized she was a writer
  • Her definition of success
  • Reactions to the taboo topics she writes about
  • Her writing schedule (hint: not every day 365 days a year!)
  • The support she receives from the community as a single mom
  • Author signings and meeting readers in person

Lyssa’s Links! 

Lyssa’s books
Lyssa’s website
Lyssa’s Facebook

Do you feel like a writer?

There are lots of ways people refer to imposter syndrome, but “fraudy feelings” is probably my favorite (I first heard this on the Being Boss podcast).

There are so many ideas of what a writer (and a mom) “should” look like.

We are constantly comparing ourselves to others, and while sometimes it can be helpful (like when someone finally explains how to use Scrivener word count targets and changes your life), oftentimes we are doing more harm than good.

There is no one path to publishing. There is no one perfect image of a writer, just like there is no one perfect image of a mom (yes, even your own – I promise!)

I know you have heard this probably HUNDREDS of times by now and are like, okay, I get. I’m doing okay.

But I’ll say it again, just to be sure 😉 

You’re doing great!!



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