Episode 27: Indie Author Basics - Writing

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Writer Mom Life Episode 27: Indie Author Basics – Writing


Writer Mom Life Presents: Indie Author Basics. In the first in our series of longer tip episodes we tackle the very first step in any self-publishing journey: writing the book! 

Everyone does it differently, and we talk about how some advice just doesn’t apply to writer moms. But don’t despair! There is always something new to try. 

Our tips for writing:

1) Figure out your genre. Each one will have its own particularities in terms of length and reader expectations. Romance books can be shorter than epic fantasy, which tends to be… well… epic! Knowing what you’re writing can help you let go of some of the deadly “comparisonitis” that troubles writers.

2) Figure out your goal. Writing to sell books is not going to look the same as writing to write. Of course you can enjoy the process, but if your goal is to finish and book and hide it in your drawer, don’t compare your results with someone who is aiming for 6 figures! (See above re: comparisionitis…)

3) Figure out your baseline. We are particularly fond of numbers, and while you don’t need to be a maniac, knowing what your baseline is can help you improve and reach your goals. Do you write best at night? In the morning? With kids in your lap? (If you are that last one, let us know your secret, lol). Can you write 2000 words in an hour? 200? Once you know what normal looks like you can…

4) Figure out what works for you. Experiment! It’s fun! Really! If you write 5000 words in a week, try plotting and see if you can add a little to that. Your 50k novel will get done that much quicker! Since you’ve already figured out your goal, try things that will keep you on track to achieve them. If your goal isn’t to write 10 books a year, then no need to buy dictation software and attempt 10k every day. 

5) Figure out who to listen to. There is a lot of advice out there but no one person (even us!) will have the perfect answer for you, because they’re them, not you! You already figured out what works best for you, so as new information comes in, try it, if it helps you on your path to success, awesome! If not, don’t feel like you’re not a writer just because you’re not doing the thing everyone else is. You’re a writer because you write, not because you write X words in X hours or put out X books a year.

Links we mention in this episode
(With the correct names! Lesson learned: write down names before hitting the record button…)

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Gwen Hayes: Romancing the Beat
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