Episode 21: Karen Tomlinson and Writing Rituals

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Writer Mom Life Episode 21: Karen Tomlinson and Writing Rituals

It’s the second international guest of the podcast! British author Karen Tomlinson works full-time for the NHS, released her first YA fantasy book a little over a year ago, and has already scored a USA Today bestseller tag thanks to a boxset with 25 other authors. Oh, and she has twins! She has a great optimistic and positive attitude about her work and writing that keeps her going, even though she hasn’t hit all of her goals quite yet.
Daphne had a lot of fun talking with Karen about her writing and self-publishing journey, including:

  • How long it took her to write her first draft of 250k words! (Hint: not as long as you might think!)
  • Transferable skills between her training role and her writing
  • How the 25 authors worked together to hit the USA Today bestseller list
  • Her strategy for getting her list to pay for itself
  • Her weekly schedule (that includes a day off from everything business every week!)
  • What her short-term goals are
  • Why she may not ever want to transition to full-time writer
  • Why writing to market just isn’t for her

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Karen’s links:
We didn’t even realize there are so many ways to follow an author, so yet more great tips from Karen!

J. R. Frontera’s Tips and Resources

Today in the tips, Daphne and I talk about the importance of ritual in our daily lives, and especially as it relates to writing! We discuss each of our own pre-writing or pre-working rituals, and how having such rituals can help get you in the right mindset to begin work on whatever thing you’re about to do.

We also talk about how having rituals is kind of a way of automating things, because of the way it gets you mentally prepared for your upcoming tasks.

And like one of our favorite guys Michael Hyatt says, there are three things to do to be more productive and have more time: Delegate, Automate, Eliminate!

So having certain rituals you do before a set task can be one way of helping you automate things.

And trust us, it really does work!

For more reading on the importance of ritual, check out the following resources:


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