Episode 2: LJ Andrews and Support Networks

Writer Mom Life

Writer Mom Life Episode 2: LJ Andrews and Support Networks

For this second episode I talk to LJ Andrews, an indie author mom who has reached her initial goal of replacing her income, but is so inspired by the success of others in the indie community that she is shooting for more! She is set to publish every two months in 2017, and we talk about what she needs to achieve this: accountability from booking an editor in advance, a “superstar” husband to support her, and the lessons she’s learned from taking various courses from some big names in the indie world. She shares a few of the marketing strategies she’s been using recently and some tips to get the most out of short writing “sprints” (hint: hide your phone!)

In the tips section, JR Frontera shares a few ways to find your own support network.

This week’s interview is brought to you by my filler phrase “yeah, so I guess” and features discussion on:

  • LJ’s original goal and how she realized she could exceed it

  • The mindset of treating it like a job and organizing her time with FOUR kids (hint: she doesn’t sleep much!)

  • How her awesome husband supports her

  • Some tips for fitting in as much writing as possible in a short period of time

  • The music she listens to while she writes

  • The marketing strategies and tactics she’s been using recently

  • Summer fun plans for her family


(Disclosure: some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that at no cost to you, we get a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.)

LJ’s books

The Djinn Kingdom:

Pirate’s Vengeance

Island of Bones

The Band of Shadows

To help you with the self-talk, here’s a great podcast to listen to while you’re waiting for our next episode.

Sarah Werner’s Write Now Podcast Episode 61 “Self-Writing and Self-Talk” http://www.sarahwerner.com/self-writing-and-self-talk-wn-061/

J.R.’s tips and links

Facebook groups for writing support:

More ways to get support

– Be sure to check out local writer groups/events! Meeting people in person is scary for introverted writers, but it’ll be fine, we promise 🙂

– Reach out to friends and family – you’ll be surprised how many random friends from high school are willing to be your cheerleaders, just like they were all those years ago.

– Finally, don’t forget to believe in yourself! Stay positive with your self-talk!

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