Episode 44: Aditi Wardhan Singh and Raising Strong Kids

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Writer Mom Life Episode 44: Aditi Wardhan Singh and Raising Strong Kids

Wouldn’t it be great to have a guidebook on how to raise strong kids who are aware to the wonderful cultural differences that surround us? Aditi has a great message about what to focus on in order for kids to have these kinds of values, and she’s put it all in her first book. She shares her journey to publication, and explains how to get a non-fiction books ready for release. (Hint: it’s pretty much the same as for fiction!)

Daphne and Aditi also talk about:

  • How raising her children in a multicultural household inspired her book
  • How she defines culture as more than just where you are from
  • How to recognize small differences in culture even between cities and be aware of them, as well as make your kids aware of them
  • How she started a whole second business… to keep from finishing her book! (Now that’s some Resistance!)
  • All about her multiple streams of income and how she balances them all
  • Her daily schedule and how she works with her kids around the house
  • How she splits time between writing and marketing
  • How she found her cover designer, editor, etc
  • How her husband supports her writing endeavors
  • The importance of staying focused and having someone to keep you on track (whether that’s a friend, a partner, a spouse, or an online community!)
  • Aditi’s number one recommended marketing strategy (hint: it has nothing to do with ads or newsletter swaps!)


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