Episode 36: MJ Greenway and Picking a Genre

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Writer Mom Life Episode 36: MJ Greenway and Picking a Genre

MJ Greenway is a hybrid author who writes in multiple genres and with a co-writer. And if that wasn’t enough, along with her co-writer, she also runs the Pen and Parent blog! Daphne talks to her about her writing journey so far and they dive deeper into:
  • Picking a genre 
  • Her preference for first or third person
  • Starting the Pen and Parent blog
  • Getting paid for your writing
  • Having the support and space to experiment
  • The choices you need to make when writing as a parent


The conversation ended with us wondering if it really is possible to make money from writing fiction.

After three days with over 600 indie authors in Vegas, let us reassure you – IT TOTALLY IS!

But life as an indie author mom looks very different than it does for those without kids. 

So if this is your dream, please do not give up!

However, if you need to pay the bills like, yesterday, then do consider other options that may give you better ROI (an indie’s favorite word!), at least with the few hours you have available during the day.

Like MJ says, the kids will get older and you will have more time to write later.

Are there writer moms with little kids totally kicking butt? Of course! Go back and listen to Lee Savino’s interview if you want to get an idea of what her life looks like with little ones at home.

And we caught up with Yesenia Vargas at the conference who was on episode 16 and has managed to reach 3k per month on just 2 books (more details on her blog).

There are so many different ways to reach your goals.

The first step is knowing what they are. Income goals? Review goals? Award goals?

The second is knowing what you’re willing to do to get there. What do you want your writer mom life to look like?

If you’re not willing to miss time with your kids or lose sleep over publishing deadlines, then that’s OKAY! And if your kids are in daycare and you stay up all night so you can write more, that’s OKAY too!

Don’t let anyone make you feel like less of a writer or a mom for the choices you make. You know what you want, and we hope the resources and interviews WML provides helps you get closer to those goals. 

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