Episode 30: Indie Author Basics - Pre-Production

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Writer Mom Life Episode 30: Indie Author Basics – Pre-Production

Now that you’ve written the book, it’s time to get it ready for release! 

    Today in our longer tip episode, we talk all about the pre-production tasks that need to happen after you complete the draft of your book, but before you launch it (aka, try to sell it). Daphne and I share some of our own pre-production timelines and processes, and list some handy dandy tools that can make your life much easier!

    As is often discussed on our podcast and in our Facebook group, the choices you make in your book’s pre-production will largely boil down to the age-old question of Time vs Money. How much time are YOU personally willing to spend on each task? How much time CAN you spend on each task? How much money is your TIME worth to you? Each person’s answer will be different, so you’ll just need to determine your own values in regards to time and money, and then decide from there if you want to perform all pre-production tasks yourself (costing time but saving money), or outsource most–or all–of them (costing you money but saving time).

    The choice is yours!

    But this kind of thing is something to keep in mind when you’re planning out your book’s timeline from drafting to launch. And luckily, some of these tasks can actually be done simultaneously, which can shorten your turnaround time.

    In general, the pre-production tasks we discuss in this episode are:

    1. Editing
    2. Cover design
    3. Formatting
    4. Building your audience
    5. Building your network of influencers (but more detail on this one next tips episode!)

    Pre-production Resource LINKS!


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