Episode 28: Happy one year anniversary WML!

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Writer Mom Life Episode 28: Happy one year anniversary WML!

Writer Mom Life launched July 24th, 2017 and here we are 28 episodes (and 3 bonus episodes) later! It’s been an incredible and transformative year and Daphne takes the opportunity to step back and see what has changed, what’s stayed the same, and what the plans are for WML’s future (hint: continue making stuff you writer moms like and need!). 

We started this podcast because we felt a little alone in the indie sphere, and one year later, we feel pretty much the complete opposite! We are most definitely not alone in our frustrations, joys, confusion, and triumphs that make up a writer mom life… and neither are you! The biggest “win” for us this year has been the amazing community that has sprung up around the podcast, and we can’t wait to keep bringing you the resources and connections you need to help you along your path to success.

Things that are staying the same:
– every other week schedule (with some bonus episodes from time to time)
– interviewing indie author moms with varying definitions of success (six hundred a month or six thousand, it’s all about what YOU want and need, not what others say you should want) 
– self-publishing tips galore 

New things we’ll be trying:
– organizing our collective knowledge about writing and self-publishing in an easy to search and digest format
– more FB lives in the group (be sure to join if you haven’t already!)
– some kind of monetization so that we can get some help with editing and show notes (a course? a book? a patreon? all of the above? Stay tuned!)
– more in person events (ecause we love love love meeting other writer moms IRL!)

Stuff we mention in this episode
The Writer Mom Life Facebook Community

Indie Bookfest in Orland, FL August 9-12 where Daphne will be presenting a workshop on the writer mom life

Google docs form to sign up to be a guest! We record interviews about a month head of time, so if you have a new release coming up, be sure to plan ahead!

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