Episode 22: Amy Hopkins and Writing Tools

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Writer Mom Life Episode 22: Amy Hopkins and Writing Tools

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Australian author Amy Hopkins knows how important having writer friends is: whether it’s getting you out of a self-doubt funk or collaborating on new projects, she’s found the support she needs to help her reach her goals. We talk a little about those goals, how she sets them (hint: not 5 years in advance! Just a few months at a time), and get into discussing her current and future projects.

Amy shares:
– What’s different about her Writer Mom Life this year
– Why she focuses on quarterly goals
– How she started collaborating with Michael Anderle
– What that kind of massive collaboration project looks like (it sounds so fun!)
– Why it’s been such a successful model for Michael (hint: it puts readers first!)
– Why she’s doing a pen name for her next series
– Where she found her “family” of other writers
– What she hopes to be able to do in 3 years (not 3 months!)
Amy’s links:
Her website
Her books

J. R. Frontera’s Tips and Resources

Today’s tips focus all on some of the various writing tools we’ve found to make a writer’s life easier! Of course, there are tons and tons of writing tools out there, and what works for one person may not work for you, but we’ve picked a few of our favorites to go over in today’s tips to give you a place to start!

So check these things out, pick what works for you, discard the rest, and make your life easier!

Some of the tools we discuss are:

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