Episode 10: M.F. Lorson and Reaching More Readers

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Writer Mom Life Episode 10: M.F. Lorson and Reaching More Readers

M.F. Lorson is a YA librarian, new mom, and author of two YA books. She wrote them before she had her first child earlier this year, and Daphne talks with her about how she’s adapting to a writer mom life. After getting into the scheduling details that take over the lives of new moms, M.F. gives all sorts of great advice on getting your book into libraries. In her role, she gets the added thrill of knowing how many people have checked out her book – and they don’t even know the author is the one behind the desk! 
M.F. and Daphne try to avoid talking only about her adorable baby and dive into other topics like:
  • What she was able to do during her maternity leave
  • When she finds time to write
  • Why she prefers getting out of the house to write
  • Where you need to get your book so that librarians see it
  • The three big reviews you might want to consider paying for
  • Why writing and finding motivation to write is easier now
  • Where she goes for advice on writing (hint: in-person AND online groups are both important)

BONUS LINKS! Here is where to get the reviews that get you noticed by libraries. They often require the book to be submitted several months ahead of the publication date, so be sure to plan ahead!

– School Book Journal
– Horn Book
– Kirkus
– NetGalley

    (Disclosure: some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that at no cost to you, we get a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.)


    M.F.’s links:

    Her website
    Her books

    J. R.’s tips and links:

    As Daphne and M. F. Lorson discuss in this episode, libraries are a really great resource for indie authors. (Personally, now I can’t WAIT to work on getting my books into my local libraries!)

    We were lucky to be able to talk to an insider there, for sure!

    But since M. F. Lorson covered the library angle in her interview (go listen, it’s great!), I’d like to outline a few other resources that may be lesser known avenues for indie authors to get their books in front of more readers!

    For more in depth discussion on each of these, be sure to listen to Episode 10! For now, here is a list of what I talk about so you can be sure to save it and then go investigate in your home town!

    In most cities, there are a whole lot of  in-person events being held throughout the year that will offer you great opportunities to find more readers right in your very own community!

    Some of these events include:

    • Craft Festivals – ex] things like Downtown Days, Maker’s Faire, etc
    • Conventions – look for one that’s local to your city, or at the least only a few hours away
    • Conferences – literary or business focused
    • Literary festivals – usually held by schools or libraries
    • College events or readings – especially check with community colleges in your area
    • Library readings – check with your local branch
    • Book clubs – see what’s in your area, join one or reach out to the organizer to see if they’d be interested in your book
    • Indie book stores – arrange signings and readings, make friends, these guys are THE BEST to local authors!!!

    BONUS TIP: Keep a few paperback copies in your car at all times, as you never know when the conversation might lead to your books!

    EXTRA BONUS TIP: But PLEASE do not turn into a used car salesman … don’t force the conversation to your books, or interject into a totally unrelated conversation about how awesome your books are … no one likes that. Just be yourself, let it be natural, and be prepared. 😉


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